Since its inception in 1906, Tonneau (which is French for barrel) has been a timeless watch shape. Art Deco was once a design that was only for women. This is when the unusual and curved design took off.

Vintage watch lovers will love the Jazz Age charm of this design, while others will enjoy the fact that it offers an alternative to the standard. Here are a few of the most popular tonneau watches. Find one that you like and how to style it so that it fits into your existing wardrobe.


Men'sTonneau Watches

Tonneau watches were once the most popular shape for men's watches. This heritage continues to this day with today's designs. You can choose from both formal and casual styles for your tonneau watch, as well as trendy models from many prestigious brands. such as Wishdoit.


A Playful Twist

 You can complement both casual and formal wear with the brown leather strap and rose-gold plating. With their eye-catching hands and easy-to-read faces, the time markers seem almost surrealist.

The unique shape of the tonneau flatters the design. It is casual and will add some fun to any outfit.


The Barrel-Full

The Crosswalk watch is a great example of a ladies' tonneau dress watch. The watch's classic curvature is reflected in the bracelet, which crisscrosses gracefully around the wrist.

This is a great way to accent a sophisticated ensemble. You can style it with an all-black gown and silver accessories for a stylish statement.


Unapologetically Female

The Roamer Coraline bijoux watch is a great choice if you are looking for a luxury watch for special occasions. Rose gold PVD plating accents the tonneau case, which looks great against the ceramic strap.

The glamorous mother-of-pearl face adds glamour. Meanwhile, the elegant and luxurious timepiece is enhanced by sparkling time markers.


Men's Tonneau Watches

Tonneau watches were the first choice for men who wanted to add Art Deco style to their wardrobes since the 1920s and 1930s.


Classic Black

 This accessory is timeless and will look great on men of all ages.

It has three sub-dials, a date function, and can be worn with any outfit. It can be worn to work when clients are important or to wear on weekends when you're looking to style up your favorite shirt.


Bond-Like Precision

The Eco-Drive watch will suit any man who wants to stand apart from the rest. The watch's tonneau casing blends into the curve of the bracelet made of metal, creating a masculine look.

Bright time markers and gold plating have an 80s-inspired design that is on-trend today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Eco-Drive technology ensures accurate time readings. The black face gives it a sophisticated feel.


Sporty And Sleek

A tonneau case's curved design makes it an ideal design for watches that need to be easy to read. This is highlighted in the Ironman watch. The case curves to fit a large screen that hosts time, date, and other functional details. This makes it ideal for tracking time on the move.

This watch is durable thanks to its plastic/resin strap and case. It can also withstand water up to 100 meters. This watch is a great choice for those who are looking to track their fitness and improve their performance without spending a lot.

Tonneau watches cases are great for adding an extra touch to your look. Wish do it watches offers a wide selection of men's watches.