From the perspective of watch craftsmen, the words we design are carefully carved out by us bit by bit. Even though it takes a lot of time to manufacture, we still hope to create a beautiful and high-quality watch. We named it ARMOR, which represents perseverance and bravery, and also represents the hard work and determination of each of us to create high-quality watches. Which is by far the best mechanical watch we've released and I hope everyone to own it and elevate your style.

Each watch back case has a unique series number. Select your favorite number when placing order.

Hands-on: Limited Edition- The ARMOR-Wishdoit Watches

Handcrafted Exquisite Dial - The dial is composed of more than 10 parts, all of which are carved, polished and painted by hand. A single dial requires 12 hours of work by a craftsman.The following are the details of their carving.

It is our crafted watch, and of course we hope you will like it. This is the first time we have launched a limited edition watch. Everyone can choose a suitable watch to express their own taste.

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