The new exquisite Pirate Tonneau watch collection by WISHDOIT brings alive the mystique pirate vibes with its accurate pirate culture-inspired design elements and looks.

Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches

Denver, CO – September 07, 2021 – Leading watchmaker WISHDOIT is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative pirate-inspired men’s watch collection. Pirate Tonneau, as the latest watch collection is being called, is inspired by the mysterious and mighty culture of Caribbean pirates of the golden age, dating back to the 18th century. The beta version of the watch has received a great response from the early batch of users. 

The Pirate Tonneau collection is available for Pre-order for a limited time with a special Early Bird discount of $170 off on the original price.  

Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches

In an exclusive interview, the founder of WISHDOIT shared that they will be launching the Pirate line-up in 5 different watch styles. As of now, they have launched the first style, Urca.  
“We are excited to share with you all that we have recently launched our much-awaited pirate-inspired Pirate Tonneau collection. The first watch style from the line is Urca, inspired by the famous Nassau City pirate treasure legend Urca de Lima. The legend has also been widely featured in pirate movies and novels and there could not be a better label for our first pirate watch style”, stated the founder of WISHDOIT. 
Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches
Interestingly, the Pirate Tonneau collection watches are exclusively designed with many signature pirate design elements.  

Barrel-shaped case 

Unlike the traditional watches that feature regular square or round cases, the Pirate Tonneau watches stand out with their unique barrel-shaped cases. This particular case shape is inspired by large barrels often spotted in pirate ships in pictures, movies, or novels.

Mast-shaped face 

The iconic Spanish merchant ship Urca de Lima speaks of an illusory legend among pirates. Made famous by the popular TV series “Black Sails”, the name “Urca” evokes a strong sense of mystery – a signature element of the pirate culture.  However, there is an actual Spanish multi-masted dhow with that name in real life. The Pirate Tonneau watch surface has been designed inspired by the shape of the mast on the Urca sail. 

Full-Hollow Dial 

The watch collection sports a double-sided hollow design which is uniquely crafted to render a bolder and more outstanding aura to the timepiece.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the Pirate Tonneau collection, the founder mentioned the story of his son’s pirate costume from last Halloween. 

“We were looking for a theme for our upcoming collection; we wanted something different yet popular. So, when our son wanted the pirate look for Halloween last year, we knew we had got our theme for the next collection.”

Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches

The Urca collection comes in 3 iconic colors, which again, bear similarity with the pirate culture – 

Black – the most dominant shade in pirate culture 

Silver – From the jewelry worn by pirates to their sailor knives, everything is silver 

Gold – All the pirates were in search of gold – it’s undoubtedly their favorite shade. 

The early bird price of WISHDOIT pirate watches has been reduced by $170, but now they have an additional September special discount, up to 25% across the entire site. Check out the Pirate Collection, Tourbillon, and the rest of WISHDOIT’s offerings on sale at the link below.