Why does the stainless steel band need to be cleaned? The sweat oil and dirt secreted by the human body are easy to attach to the watch chain. If it is not cleaned regularly, there will be a bad smell and it will affect the life of the watch. What way can we clean it?


Some people spend money cleaning the watch band by the professional maintenance personnel, but in fact, you can use your own hand with small tools to clean is also  simple, both save time and do not cost much money. Let me tell you the steps of simple cleaning.

1.Remove the watch band

We have to use different tools to remove the wristband from the stainless steel watch. Some simply press a button on the side of the strap and the strap is removed from the watch head. Usually a lot of people need to use a tiny screwdriver to do that. You can also consult the manufacturer on the side of the seller how to operate. Wishdoit seller will place the watch band link removal remover tool and clean cloth in the watch when sending the watch.

2. Soak the watch band

You need to prepare a small bowl of room temperature water, and then add appropriate soap or add some rubbing alcohol for disinfection. The removed watchband is then soaked in water. As for how long to soak it depends on your watchband dirty degree. It can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as an hour.

3. Clean stainless steel watch band.

With a soft toothbrush dipped in alcohol or soapy water, remove the watchband from the soapy water, gently brush the watchband with a soft toothbrush stains in the gap. After cleaning with a dryer drying or dry with a clean cloth, do not let the watchband dry automatically, because it may be attached to more dust on the surface and water stains.

A more concise way is to immerse the stainless steel band in  warm soapy water, with a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove the stains, and finally with a silver mirror cloth to scrub the watch, will be very clean. Do you have any questions? Please contact us.