Before checking the operating manual, please check the type of movement of your watch: quartz watch or mechanical watch. Then check the corresponding section of the operation manual that matches your watch movement.
1. If you purchased a racing series (model includes GT Chrono), then your watch movement is a quartz movement, please check the first part of the operation manual.
2. If you purchased the pirates series (models include viking tomahawk, psychic compass, joli rouge, urca, ocean black hole, x-series, captain kidd), then your watch movement is a mechanical movement, please check the second part of the operation manual.

Part 1: Quartz Movement

Racing Collection
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Part 2: Mechanical Movement

Pirates collection

Adjusting Method

Crown position 1: Manual winding

*When the watch is not worn for a period of time, the watch will stop moving. At this time, it takes about 20 turns of manual winding.

*Please do not overwind the watch to avoid damage to the watch.

*Under normal circumstances, a watch that is moving does not require additional manual winding.

Crown position 2: Time adjusting

*When adjusting the time, please pull out the crown gently, do not use too much force to avoid breaking it.

*A mechanical watch is a very delicate object, it contains thousands of parts. So be gentle with it.


Magnetic Field:
Please keep your watch away from magnet electrical equipment or any magnet. For it may influence the accuracy of watches, even stop running. 

Heavy shock should be avoid. It may damage the movement and external appearance of watches.

Non-screw-in Watch Crown:
To push the crown back to the normal position for keeping water out.

Dirty watch case can be cleaned by a toothbrush with little soap-suds, then use a soft cloth to dry. Please clean the dust and sweat on the watch case regularly. Don’t clean the watch in the strong acid or alkaline environment.

Please keep your watch away from any direct touch of chemicals.

Water Resistance:
5 ATM water resistance is for daily use only, not for swimming or bathing. The steam from the shower can more easily cause water to enter the watch.