Do you love wearing watches? Does it fill you up with confidence? Wearing a watch doesn't mean you have worn it for merely time checking. Wearing it has several other benefits, like building confidence and giving you style, and a good watch makes you stand out among others. It shows how responsible and organized a person you are. It shows your reliability and makes people trust you more.

But for all this, you need a good watch; without it, it will not happen. Many people prefer quartz watches for their reliability, but in my opinion, mechanical watches are a great combo of great designs and precision. In terms of durability and reliability, they have no match. Moreover, they make you closer to tradition; the most striking feature is the craftsmanship.

Despite all these factors, the price works as a deal-breaker. Mechanical watches may cost you more than a thousand dollars, so buying them will not be possible for an ordinary man. However, many brands offer mechanical watches for less price like between $600 and $800. But these watches are not as reliable as the costly ones.

The best thing is to buy a watch after considering many important points like accuracy, durability, precision, and price. Is it possible to find all these things in a less costly watch? Yes, it is if you are going to buy a timepiece from wishdoit.

Wishdoit watches

Wishdoit is a brand that has given the world a great range of men's watches. Basically inspired by the culture of Caribbean Pirates, they came up with some fantastic ideas like the x series watches, which proclaim freedom, happiness, self-discovery, empowerment, and assurance.

Captain kids watch series pays tribute to the heroic deeds and courageous spirit of Captain William Kidd, an adventurer and sailor of the seas. A psychic compass was a great addition, releasing watches with a compass that showed the makers' love for Caribbean movies.

Viking tomahawk series includes watches with two large arcs that show a clear tribute to the battle axes of the brave Vikings. Likewise, a skeleton is directly associated with the pirates' adventures; that’s why they are a part of the Joli rouge series. Similarly, the Urca's treasure shows the legend of a great treasure, and the ocean black hole series is an excellent sign of sea sailors' adventure and courage.

Budget-friendly men’s watches under $500

Wishdoit has incorporated mesmerizing pirate elements and ideas of its watches. Not only in design but in accuracy also they have no match. They are accurate enough to compete with the top-rated watches of other brands. In addition, they also come in beautiful colors, like if you see its black watch, you will feel yourself falling in love with it.

Mechanical Watch | Free Shipping Worldwide | Wishdoit watches

Moreover, they are highly durable, and proper maintenance keeps them working for a lifetime. The sapphire crystal glass keeps them safe from hitting incidents and prevents scratches. The whole material is user-friendly and good for the skin in every season. Particularly the fluorine band material that offers flexibility and a skin-friendly experience. It offers resistance against UV radiation, heat, oxidation, and oil. Moreover, it also prevents corrosion and gives excellent water resistance. Thus, you can easily use them underwater, and also, they can't get damaged by sweat.

You will get all these things in one package, a package that will not eat up your savings. Sometimes it sounds funny, but it is a reality.

Mechanical Watch | Free Shipping Worldwide | Wishdoit watches

Wishdoit always prefers quality over price. Of course, if the makers want, they can increase the price like the other luxury watch brands, but its main aim is to make these watches for the common person; that is why it has always put the price below $500.

It looks like a dream to buy such a luxury watch with such precision for only $500. And this dream is not far away from you, as you can buy one for yourself from anywhere. 

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