The story carried by each pirate ship is worthy of our understanding, and we can learn about the intentions and skills of every shipbuilder from it. They can make this ship stand up to wind and rain and still sail at sea. The following ships were also famous in the pirate era.

Royal Fortune -Bashalomu Roberts

 Barshalom Roberts, he may be the most successful pirate in history. In addition, he also holds the record for the most looted ships, because he successfully looted more than 400 various ships in 4 years. Roberts was very cold-blooded. He once burned a slave ship and burned more than 80 slaves alive. In 1720, Robert captured the French battleship Royal Fortune, and he immediately assigned 157 crew and 42 guns to the Royal Fortune, which made the warship even if it encountered the British Navy. Until 1722, the Royal Navy sent a large fleet to fight against pirates. During the battle, the Royal Fortune was besieged by several British warships. Unfortunately, Captain Black Bart was also directly hit by a shell and died on the spot. After the war, the Royal Navy recovered the warship and brought it back to Britain. 

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Fancy-Henry Evan

Fancy is a warship specially built for the King of Spain to fight pirates. It has 46 guns, has a crew of 140, and is led by Henry Evan. In May 1694, Henry and his crew turned into pirates and looted merchant ships in the Indian Ocean, which makes him one of the most powerful pirate ships in the golden age of pirates. In June of the same year.

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the Fancy hit an Indian treasure ship, which became the largest single strike in the history of pirates. However, the Fancy mysteriously disappeared when it was loaded with treasures to go to the Caribbean to sell the stolen goods. Many people suspected that the riots on the ship caused the ship to hit the rocks and sink. But there are other legends that the ship was swallowed by the whirlpool.


Happy Delivery-George Luther

Happy Delivery may be the most ill-fated pirate ship. It was originally a medium-sized slave ship owned by the Royal African Company which is similar to the East India Company. The ship had 30 crew members, the captain Charles Russell, and the deputy captain George Luther. During a journey of transporting slaves, the ship encountered a series of difficulties, which led to George Luther and a part of the crew to overthrow the captain's rule and become a pirate. But soon after, during a robbery of Native American Indians, George Luther was defeated and forced to give up Happy Delivery.


The Golden Hind-Francis Drake

 The Golden Deer is probably the most famous pirate ship in the golden age of pirates. His captain was Francis Drake, the first Englishman to travel the world. The ship has 18 guns. In 1577, Queen Elizabeth authorized Francis Drake and his Golden Deer to command a fleet around the world, including 5 ships and 157 crew members. After a two-year journey, Drake returned to England. Although only one ship survived, the wealth that Drake robbed in the Pacific all the way was several times higher than the cost of fulfillment, and Drake was awarded honors for it. Finally, Drake and the Golden Deer also participated in the British West Invincible Fleet naval battle, severely damaged the Invincible Fleet and won the naval battle.


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In the ocean, the ship is the continuation of life for pirates. If it were me, I really want to have such a beautiful boat. Take a boat to somewhere in the world to explore and find a new world. Not all pirate ships sail to seize wealth. In order to be free and in charge of their own destiny, many people are unwilling to be defeated by reality, and choose to search for the unknown on the ocean and find their own foothold. if you have any ideal, Please click here

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