Do you love classic things or wish to add something aesthetically beautiful to your accessories? Wearing a mechanical wristwatch is one such thing that people genuinely wish for. Its looks and connection to the old days make them really special for many people.

Even though mechanical watches are not considered as accurate as quartz and automatic watches, still people prefer to buy them. However, it is merely a myth that these watches don’t show precise times as many companies in the world launch the best models of mechanical watches.

Why are Mechanical Watches so expensive?

The problem that makes these watches just a dream is their higher prices, and these are called luxury mechanical watches for some reason. These timepieces are all handmade and demand a level of expertise that's almost unheard of in the modern world.

Moreover, another reason for their expensive nature is their movement mechanism. In contrast to quartz and radio watches, mechanical watches employ a clockwork mechanism to measure time, rather than relying on a battery or radio waves to synchronize with an atomic clock.

A mainspring provides the power for a mechanical watch, and this spring has to be wound manually at regular intervals or automatically by a self-winding mechanism. Its force is communicated via a set of gears to provide power to the balance wheel, which is a weighted wheel that rotates in a back and forth motion at a predetermined frequency.

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To maintain a consistent rate of movement for the watch's hands, an escapement, a mechanical mechanism, allows the wheels to be released and move ahead with each swing of the balance wheel. The movement of this escapement is what causes the ticking sound that is characteristic of mechanical watches.

Thus, it is not the precision of a luxury mechanical watch that makes it so expensive. Instead, the many hours that a master watchmaker spends handcrafting and assembling the watch's numerous components, as they have been doing for generations.  

As a result, those interested in collecting luxury mechanical watches will continue to pay exorbitant prices even after the following significant technical advancement since, in the end, there is no way to quantify the value of quality and handiwork.

Affordable Pirate series of Tonneau Watches by Wishdoit watches

But for all those who want such precious, adorable watches at an affordable rate, wishdoit watches have something special for you. They are offering a series of mechanical watches without compromising the quality of the product.

The primary purpose of Patrick Lee, the owner and CEO of wishdoit watches, is to provide quality products to their customers. Mechanical watch design is a passion of this company. They created a line of tonneau watches based on the pirate theme, which celebrates the spirit of risk-taking and defying authority that characterizes the pirate lifestyle.

Tonneau watch | Free Shipping Worldwide | Wishdoit watches

As time passes, they continuously launch new designs and products in the market. All are best in their categories. They can never concentrate on quantity and pricing like other companies; instead, they are focused on quality.

Moreover, the best part is that despite the high prices of mechanical watches, wishdoit watches establish and offer a line of affordable men's luxury timepieces. Thus, their uncompromising quality and unbeatable pricing make them stand out among their competitors.

The Most Affordable Mechanical Tonneau Watch

Although you can find many mechanical watches on the market, if you want a tonneau watch, then your ultimate destination must be wishdoit watches. Having a barrel-shaped case instead of the traditional round or square cases of typical automatic or quartz watches and pirates' inspiration make their looks unique.

Moreover, their precision, hard work, and efforts from the designing to the finishing touch always increase the prices; still, they offer quality products at affordable rates.

So, all those who wanted to know the most affordable mechanical watch to buy for themselves have now been fully aware of the name of wishdoit watches, a name of quality. 

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