Okay, so the helmet comes first. Plus the water bottle. And you really don't want to ride for any great distance without padded shorts. But while you're gearing up for a bike ride – zipping up your jersey and clipping in your shoes – you're gonna want to strap on a watch. A good one requires instant legibility (eyes on the road!) and serious durability (to withstand all-weather conditions and the occasional crash). Even with those criteria, you have countless options.

1. Sports table for mountaineering

Sports watch often acts as a professional instrument in mountaineering, rather than a simple tool to indicate time. To choose a sports watch suitable for mountaineering, it is required to have a relatively large dial in appearance. In the vast environment, the volume of many accessories will appear the visual illusion of relative reduction. If you want to achieve the original effect, you should enlarge the dial volume appropriately to facilitate the user to read the time. Secondly, the color of the selected sports table should not be too bright. After all, what we need in the high mountains and dense forests is safety rather than fashion. Too bright colors and mountaineering equipment will not match well. The best watch strap is made of metal, because metal is the best material for both firmness and durability, and there are few factors for metal oxidation in the process of mountaineering. Thirdly, besides compass orientation, GPS and miniature map, the movement table needed for mountaineering must also have the function of "height velocity measurement". To put it simply, a watch uses a miniature map and GPS to measure the height of the mountains, and then predicts the approximate time to reach this height according to people's climbing habits, which will play an important role in supporting climbers to plan their routes and itineraries. Suitable for mountaineering watches are: Songtuo watch, this brand of watches for the 2008 Olympic flame Mount Everest Summit watch.

2. Sports table for road riding or long distance running

Road riding or long-distance running do not need very accurate orientation, but need to know their body state all the time. At the same time, road sports need light equipment, so the dial of the sports watch does not need to be too large, but also requires light weight, because whether it is riding or long-distance running, the balance of arm strength is very important. At the same time, the metal watch strap or leather watch strap will be damaged by the arm Sweat from exercise leads to material variation, while synthetic rubber strap is much more practical.
In addition, watches suitable for road sports do not need strong waterproof function. In fact, most sports watches have excellent resistance to sweat. However, for the sake of the athlete's body, the watch of the rider or long-distance runner must be equipped with heart rate sensor and body temperature sensor, so that in these sports that require perseverance and endurance, we can better understand our own physical condition, and achieve science and safety. Omega's electronic watch is good.

3. Sport chart for diving

As one of the most indispensable equipment in diving, the advantages and disadvantages of sports table are enough to save lives. In addition to having accurate and sophisticated GPS, water depth gauge and laser light, it is not the sport watch with the words "water station" or "water proof" on the bottom cover of the watch that can be carried to the bottom of the sea. The waterproof watch of 3atm (i.e. 3 atmospheres) can only be carried in the rain; the watch of 5atm can be carried for swimming; only the waterproof watch of 10ATM or higher can be engaged in underwater work. Moreover, the diving watch should be made of crystal glass and carbon rubber to ensure absolute hardness and enable people to observe the time data clearly.

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