A majority of people by listening to the size of the sound of the watch to judge the quality of the watch. It's actually unscientific. Because the quality of the watch depends on the accuracy of its actual travel time. Watch in the operation of the sound balance, clear and no noise, which can only show that there is no fault inside the watch, but it can not explain the quality of the watch. Where should we judge the quality of the watch?


1. Appearance parts of watch

We first check the appearance of the watch can be from the shell, table mirror, dial and time and second hand. Then we see that the case has no obvious scratches, symmetrical edges and corners. On the other hand is the back cover and the upper shell of the screw should be tight. In addition, the distance between the watch ring and the case are equal, the table mirror should have no defects and scratches, transparent and bright. Secondly, the installation of the three hands should be correct. The minute hand and the second hand, the table mirror and dial should have the correct safety gap. Dial and hand layers are smooth and spotless. There is about 0.1-0.3 mm clearance between the watch head and the case.

2. Sensitivity of the watch

The sensitivity of the watch refers to the flexibility of its balance wheel automatic swing. We shall gently shake an unwound watch which has stopped moving and observed by the force of the shaking how the second hand moves. Accordingly, if the second hand stops moving in a very short time. This shows that the watch can all go after the wind up and the watch the sensitivity is high. On the contrary, If the second hand keeps going for a long time. It shows that the watch can not all go after the wind up, sensitivity is not high or the watch has a problem.

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3. The spacing and position of the hands of a watch

Normally, there should be a certain distance between the hands of the watch and the watch mirror, the dial and between the three hands. Otherwise, they will rub against each other and affect the normal operation of the watch. We can observe by dialing the needle during inspection. That is to see whether the position and coordination of the hour hand and minute hand are normal. The specific operation method is that you need to adjust the minute hand and hour hand to 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, and observe whether the two hands are at right angles. Adjusting to 6 o'clock, whether the two needles are in a straight line or adjusting to 12 o'clock, whether the two needles overlap.

4. Watch winding mechanism

Normally, watch winding should be easy. When you turn the crown to wind the mainspring, it is relatively loose at first, and gradually becomes tighter and tighter. When you can't continue to turn the handle forward, it means that the mainspring is completely full and the winding mechanism is working normally. If there is an abnormal sound of "chattering" or the top teeth slipping when turning the crown to wind, it means that the winding mechanism is malfunctioning.

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5. Watch dial needle mechanism

The watch should be flexible and reliable when dialing the needle and the pointer should rotate evenly. When we check, we should focus on checking the tightness of the friction between the sub-wheel and the central wheel shaft. When the dial needle, if there is no loose or tight feeling, it means that the wheel friction is normal and the right amount of refueling, on the contrary, the needle parts have a fault. 

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