The service life of the watch is related to whether the wearer uses and maintains the watch correctly. For example, wearing the watch for bathing, the appearance of the watch is dirty, the length of the strap is not suitable, and the use environment is harsh, etc., which can easily lead to damage to the watch and shorten the service life.

Medium and high-end watches should be maintained every two to three years, replacing waterproof components, testing travel performance and movement power consumption, cleaning the movement and maintaining the appearance, etc. Such maintenance services will effectively prolong the use time of the watch.

Of course, the more expensive the watch, the higher the maintenance cost. For example, the price of oil for ROLEX watches is generally more than 2,000 yuan. There are also fragile appearance parts such as straps and glass. If it is a special-shaped case, it may not be easy to match in the future. Therefore, the after-sales service of the watch and the supply of accessories should also be considered when purchasing a watch. Generally speaking, there is no problem with watches using popular movements such as ETA movements and watches from big brands.

Advantages and disadvantages of quartz and machinery

Typically, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches, but that doesn't mean a mechanical watch is necessarily better than a quartz watch.

The reason why mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches is because mechanical watches require precise manual time adjustment during their production, while quartz watches are generally assembled on automatic production lines.

It is generally accepted that mechanical watches have a longer operating life than quartz watches. But this may not be the case, because all the moving parts inside a quartz watch are the same as in a mechanical watch. Although the life of electronic components has not been fully tested, it may have the same life. Therefore, consumers can fully trust that a good quartz watch can provide the same long service life as a mechanical watch.

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