Halloween is a great time to be creative-it is also a great opportunity to create an atmosphere of horror. As long as you find the trick, decorating your home at your favorite horror festival can be fun and easy. To complete a good decoration project, you need to go to the store to do a simple and quick shopping, and make the most of what you have on hand.

Part one-Decoration your outdoor


Decorate your lawn. If you own a lawn and want it to have a Halloween atmosphere, then you can use many scary elements to decorate the appearance of your home. The lawn sets the tone for the rest of the home, so if it is creepy enough, everyone will even wonder what else you have set up nearby. Here are some simple ways to decorate the lawn.

Firstly, Take a pair of old boots and let them show through a large pile of fallen leaves or dust. It looks like there is a dead body on your lawn! Secondly, You can buy a special Halloween scarecrow, or you can use a normal autumn corn husk scarecrow and paint it with blood. Thirdly, Throw some skeletal skulls on the ground. If your guests accidentally trip over them. Finally, let a skeleton wearing a skull watch suddenly appear outside your yard. There are surprises and frights. It will be fun.

Part two-Decorate your front porch.

The porch is the entrance to all the indoor horror elements, so it should look as horrible as possible, so as to lure some uninvited guests into your horror house. Here are some great ways to add a halloween atmosphere to your porch:

First, put more spider webs on the porch. Your guests may be trapped by them unknowingly. Second,The silhouette of the second one or two black cats will enhance the horror effect even more. Third, you can carve pumpkins into ghost shapes, or paint them in black, silver, or make them glow. Finally, you hang a ghost on the porch. All you need to do is cut a few holes in an old sheet and throw it on the beach ball hanging from the ceiling.

Let's enjoy the happy Halloween together.