Whenever the term mechanical watches come to any person’s mind, two questions suddenly emerge in his mind. First, why would they buy watches that don’t show the accurate time? Is there any good reason to buy such an expensive watch?

To be honest, both questions are wise. But what if you find something that is accurate and pocket friendly at the same? Is it even possible? Yes, it is. When you have a wishdoit automatic watch list, then everything is possible.

Let's talk about whether wishdoit watches are decent options for those on a budget and whether they are worth purchasing.

Wishdoit watches are accurate

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Whether the price is high or not, the first query is related to accuracy. Yes, wishdoit watches are worth buying. Due to the automatic self-winding mechanism, these mechanical watches eliminate the need to wind them on a daily basis manually. Instead, they not only self-wind them but also preserve the energy for 42 to 80 hours, which means the watch works without any lag even in a still position.


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In addition to this, these watches are accurate despite the ones that work on a manual winding mechanism. They are 99.97% accurate, a fairly good accuracy. So, getting a modern watch with a classical essence with such incredible accuracy is undoubtedly a wise decision.

A one of its kind

When we say wishdoit watches are one of their kind, we tell the truth. Although you find a great range of automatic watches in the market from different brands, what this brand offers, you will not find anywhere.

When you see them for the first time, you will feel that their appearance is catching your heart. From color to the design, everything looks so classy. Moreover, because of the use of pirate design elements due to the inspiration from the culture of Caribbean Pirates, these watches stand out among their competitors.

In addition, the thought process behind deciding the material is another super cool thing. They use sapphire crystal glass for increased durability and to prevent accidental damages. The use of Fluorine Rubber offers flexibility and excellent resistance against corrosion, UV radiation, heat, moisture, sweating, oil, oxidation, and dust. The band material is skin-friendly and doesn't bring any issues to the skin. Not only in use, but they are also super easy to clean.

Moreover, they are also water-resistant. So, not only in harsh weather, if these timepieces accidentally fall in the pool, they survive. So, you don’t need to take off your watch again and again.

The most significant positive point is that this brand's timepieces come with 5 years warranty, which is not a small-time period. That feature works as a deal maker.

Tonneau watch | Free Shipping Worldwide | Wishdoit watches

Wishdoit watches are budget friendly

While seeing the price tags of mechanical watches, you can quickly figure out that they are costly, and most are out of budget. However, some are available at low prices but are not worth buying.

Buying a watch is not a matter of mere pennies; it's an investment. But a watch above $1000 is impossible for a middle man to purchase. While keeping this situation in mind, wishdoit offers quality watches under $500.

They always prefer quality over price, their main priority. So you will be going to love the fact that a luxury watch similar to such quality will cost you between $1500 to $3000. While some automatic mechanical watches are too simple, they cost thousands of dollars. Only wishdoit makes it possible for every man to buy luxury watches between the price of $400 to $500.

When you buy one, you will understand that its quality, appearance, material, accuracy, and features are more than it is worth. Even its Gold Watches For Men are also available at much lower rates.

Everything a man wishes in a watch is present in wishdoit watches. So you can easily buy them without putting your pocket in danger.

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