The clasp is the device of the active strap in the middle of the watch strap, and is mostly made of stainless steel and titanium.

The buckle is composed of a buckle surface and a base frame, and one end of the buckle surface and the base frame are respectively connected with the strap. The buckle surface is integrally slotted, and there is a circular buttonhole on the bottom surface of the buckle surface to lock each other with the pin on the bottom frame; Connect, the other end of the long arm is connected to the strap, and the other end of the short arm is connected to the buckle surface.

Buckle advantages
The buckle has the advantages of firm buckle, not easy to deform, strong integrity, beautiful and elegant, and easy to repair.

Buckle Type
At present, the popular buckles on the market mainly include the following: folding buckles, pin buckles, belt buckles, hidden buckles, folding safety buckles, hook buckles, and butterfly buckles.