Mount sharp dental

Mechanical watches in the use of the process, because of the sudden break of the spring which will make a wheel tooth bending or fracture. If encounter strong impact, gear shaft tip especially swing wheel shaft tip is easy to break. In the absence of the same wheel and the same type of wheel shaft for replacement, it is necessary to correct and repair the damaged wheel as appropriate. Make the wheel tip on the damaged axle to restore the function of the gear train.



Watch wheel correction and repair

In the process of use of the watch, due to the sudden break of the spring or other reasons, will make a wheel tooth bending or fracture. If the teeth are bent a little, the table opener can be inserted in the backlash and the teeth are straightened slightly with force. If the bending is serious, the tooth root is cracked, or the tooth has been broken, if there is no special accessories, the tooth filling can be repaired.


If only one tooth is broken on the wheel piece, you can also make holes and grooves, and use brass wire to make tooth inserts. The specific steps are as follows:

(1) in the position of the wheel segment teeth with a small drill hole;

(2) the slot;

(3) the insertion of suitable brass wire;

(4) slightly knock flat inlay;

(5) Remove the redundant paragraph;

(6)The tooth shape correction.