We need to understand the size of the watch. It is differentiated according to the model and use, but generally there are three types: large size, general size and small size. Generally speaking, large-sized watches are suitable for leisure and sports occasions, and small watches are suitable for fashion and social occasions, but at the same time, one should also consider one's figure and style preferences. When buying a watch, you must try it on. The most important thing is to choose the one that suits you.

Step 1: Measure your wrist size
You should use a tape measure to measure your wrist (which should be tightly wrapped), just behind the wrist protruding bone, as shown.

If you don't have a tape measure, you can use a soft rope or a piece of soft paper to wrap around the corresponding position of the wrist. Remember, it must be the wrist where you want to wear the watch. Everyone's left and right wrists are generally different in thickness.

Step 2: Formula conversion to determine the size of the watch that suits your wrist
Convert the dimensions measured in step 1 to millimeters. For example: 16 cm is converted to 160 mm. Divide this number by the diameter of the watch you want to buy, for example: you want to buy a dress watch with a diameter of 38 mm, and your wrist circumference is 160 mm, the result will be 160÷38 = 4.2, this number is called a watch shell index.

Based on this result, we can determine whether the watch size is suitable for your wrist. The best case index for you is from 4 to 5; anything less than 4 is too big for the watch, and anything more than 5 is too small. Example: Your wrist size is 160mm. Then a watch with a size of 32 mm to 40 mm is suitable for you to wear.

If you have a slender but wide wrist, you should choose a case index slightly less than 4;
Sports watches and diving watches can choose a case index less than 4, there is no problem;

If you have a small wrist, you should not choose a watch that is too thick; Or
If the lugs are too long, you should not choose a watch that is too large;
A square case will always look larger than a round case, so a square watch should have a slightly larger case index.
Which watch size to choose is a matter of personal style and taste. If you want to look more youthful or sporty, a larger size will usually look better. Also, if you're well-dressed or conservative, a mid-size watch can be a priority.

Fashion watch
Generally speaking, fashion watches can best show your matching style and personal taste, and the effect of large watches is definitely better than small watches. It is more clear at a glance, more generous and calm, and easier to attract attention. If you want to look cool, then it’s right to choose a big watch, but what needs to be reminded is that if you use fashion watches to reflect your taste, then you have to be cautious. The so-called cool is risky, so you need to be cautious when choosing a watch, because the size is the most suitable , it is difficult to have a specific standard for this degree, it needs to be related to its own factors, I am afraid that it is too much.

Chronograph Watch
Generally, it has functions such as timing and stopwatch. The size is easy to make bigger. In fact, this kind of big size also has better performance. The sports model is nothing more than enough vitality. Big is a good way. It can be said that you don’t regret buying a big sports watch, but you need to pay attention to it being big but not stupid. For example, the thickness should not be too large, which will easily make the whole watch look clumsy. If the case is larger, the strap should also be enlarged accordingly, otherwise it will make people feel that the proportion is out of balance.

How big the watch should be is a matter of personal preference, but remember not to exceed your wrist. Ideally, the case of the watch should be about the size of your wrist, and try not to protrude beyond the edge of your wrist.

If you're looking to buy a moderately sized watch, there's an unwritten rule that the watch case takes up at least three-quarters of your wrist. Otherwise, it will feel feminine.

In addition, the visual perception of the watch should also be considered. A thicker watch will look bigger, while a thinner watch will look smaller. Most men find a watch with a diameter of 40-44 mm to look good because it is a medium to large size for them. If you have a smaller wrist, then a 36mm watch is also something to consider.

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