Although I love watches, I have another hobby that I like to watch all kinds of games, whether it is a tennis game, an American football game, a baseball game or a golf game. As long as I am in the leisure time after studying the watch, I will go to watch these types of games. Because these competitions can make me full of energy, just like I study watches, do what I like. I also hope that everyone can recognize the watch I have developed, which is my goal at this stage.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, after forcing the 2020 season to limit the number of spectators, the fans returned to college football stadiums across the country in the first week. This weekend you can not only see the fans sitting in their seats, but also hear their cheering. It would be more exciting to watch a football game on the spot. and I usually watch the live broadcast on the computer. Moreover, I'm so excited to watch this game on Saturday.

The weekend started with Ohio State QB CJ Stroud throwing for four touchdowns in his first start. The quarterback play went to another level on Saturday. Kentucky's Will Levis and Alabama's Bryce Young each threw for 340-plus yards with four touchdowns in dominating win.

Week 1 of college football was full of surprises, North Carolina, where No. 5 Georgia took down No. 3 Clemson, 10-3. Defense was the big story from this one as both offenses combined for 434 yards and no touchdowns. The lone touchdown of the evening came courtesy of Georgia DB Christopher Smith, as he picked off Clemson's DJ Uiagalelei and took it 74 yards to the house for the score. Besides, Montana came up with a 13-7 victory in Seattle over No. 20 Washington. It's the first win by an FCS team against a ranked FBS team since North Dakota State beat No. 13 Iowa 23-21 in 2016.

Many fans believe that in college football games, the top-ranked teams may be easier to play against the lower-ranked teams. In fact, it is wrong to think so. Before the game, everyone is trying their best to train and are constantly improving, so we should not underestimate the strength of each team. For instance, the 19th Pennsylvania State University defeated Wisconsin's 12th place 16-10, and the No. 5 Georgia State defeated the third-ranked Clemson 10-3. Therefore, no matter which team you are playing against, you must take it seriously, let yourself be in your best condition, and win the game.

In my opinion, every elite team is at risk of losing. Such as, No. 2 Oklahoma, No. 7 Iowa State, No. 9 Notre Dame and No. 11 Oregon. They are top teams. These popular teams are the focus of everyone's attention.

Many people are very optimistic about the Alabama team because it was the champion in the previous session. I think no matter which team has the potential to compete for the top five or top ten positions. When I watched the American football game, I could also see their persistence and love for this game, which inspired me to keep moving forward. These are some of my thoughts about watching the game, and some readers may have different feelings after watching it. They continue to compete even on Labor Day. We continue to look forward to which team can successfully defend the championship. See you next time.

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