Pirate ships are so important to pirates, without ships they can only be on the mainland and cannot sail at sea, so they cannot get where they want to go. Hence, the pirate ship has witnessed the rise and fall of pirates. A good pirate ship can capture many merchant ships and win more treasures. Let me introduce the story of the pirate ship and its possession. How much do you know?

Adventure Galley- Captain William Kidd 

The Adventure Paddle Ship may be the saddest pirate ship in history. The ship has 34 standard guns and a displacement of 284 tons. The original mission of this ship was to fight pirates and French warships in the Indian Ocean. There are 150 crew members on board, commanded by Captain William Kidd. The Adventure Galley set off from New York Harbor in September 1696, under the authority of the British government, to carry out an anti-piracy mission.

However, this journey was not smooth. Not long after leaving the port, the crew found a hole in the hole caused by disrepair, which led Captain Kidd to decide to looting a French merchant ship full of cargo and scrap the Adventure Oars, use a new ship and change its name to Adventure Galley.  After returning to England, he was convicted of piracy, hanged, and hung his body along the Thames to warn other pirates. It is a sad story.


Queen Anne's Revenge- Captain Edward Titch (Blackbeard) 

In November 1717, Captain Blackbeard captured a huge French slave transport ship. Then he transformed the ship equipped with only 14 cannons, added 26 cannons, and renamed it "Queen Anne's Revenge". This pirate ship, which required 280 sailors to operate, quickly became the most intimidating warship in the Caribbean and North America.


 In 1718, they robbed five merchant ships at one time, but unfortunately hit the rocks on the way back to the harbor. This became the end of the legend of this warship. Of course, some people suspected that Blackbeard deliberately caused the accident, and at the same time killed some sailors to increase the number of treasures he was allocated. 

Whydah Gally

The Whydah Gally was originally a slave ship. This 300-ton slave ship has been active in the black slave triangle trade. The characteristic of this ship is its extremely fast speed, which can reach a speed of 13 knots under ideal conditions. This ship was intercepted by two pirate ships during a trade in 1717, and was finally captured by the pirate- Samuel Bellamy (Black Sam) and became the flagship of Black Sam. Besides, on April 26 of the same year, the Whydah Gally was hit by a storm off the coast of Cape Cod and sank. People found only 9 survivors and some bodies washed ashore, hull wreckage, coins and sundries on the beach. The leader was Black Sam, people did not know where he ended up, and was believed to have been buried under the sea at the age of 29.

The sinking location of the Whydah Gally was confirmed in 1984, and it is still being salvaged to this day (2008). About 100,000 items have been found. It is the first pirate ship in history with physical confirmation.

The story carried by each pirate ship is worthy of our understanding, and we can learn about the intentions and skills of every shipbuilder from it. They can make this ship stand up to wind and rain and still sail at sea. Just like making a mechanical watch, the assembly and manufacture of each part must be finely polished.

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