Watches are not old-fashioned; they are still holding the same importance as years back. They have become integral to our fashion and style, which speaks about our personality and taste. 

Learning the latest fashion trends and buying a luxury watch isn't something that is enough. Knowing how to wear a watch correctly is essential to pull off a great look. It doesn't matter if they are brand-new watches or old favorite Chronograph Watches; if you don't know the basics of how to wear them properly, they will not add beauty to your personality. 

So, here are the dos and don'ts of wearing a watch. After learning the right way, I hope you can make a lasting impression every time you step out with your wrist adorned in a stunning timepiece.

How To Wear A Watch

Here is an easy-to-understand 5-step guide that helps you learn how to wear a watch. 

Watch Size: Loose Vs. Tight

In the case of fitting, the loose vs. tight war is of no use. While wearing a watch, remember to check the size of the timepiece. A proper fit watch is one which has not too big a watch case and loose or too tight straps or bracelets. 

You can check the size by wearing a watch; if the strap is too tight like it pinches your skin and leaves imprints on it, it's not a perfect match. A watch that freely slides on your wrist or you can fit 3 to 4 fingers under the bracelet or band means it's too loose. A perfect one is neither too big nor too loose; it just spares a little room for your skin to breathe. 

Placement of Watch

When it comes to placement, whatever your watch is, please don't wear it too low. The best place is at the tip of the Ulna, don't wear it on the bone's top or above it because it causes discomfort, and soon you feel that you should leave your watch in the room's drawer. 

Right Hand Vs. Left Hand

People mostly wear a watch in the right hand. It's not a rule; it's just because they are left-handed, and a watch can be on the wrist of the wearer's non-dominant hand. Most of the population are righthanded people, so even manufacturers design watches according to them by making watch crowns on the right side of the case to create ease for such people. But for left-handed people, the market also has some exceptional offers for you. 

Inside the cuff Vs. Outside

Remember to wear the watch on your wrist, not on top of the cuff. It means you should wear a watch in such a way that when you put your hands down while standing, your sleeve or cuff comes down and cover your wrist and watch. However, while in the bending position of the arm, your watch should peek out of the cuff.


Wear a dress watch on formal occasions, while sports watches are for indoor and outdoor activities, exercises, and sports. In contrast, regular ones, like Mechanical Watches, are ready to wear all day without any restriction. 

Which Mechanical Watch Is Best In Looks To Wear On Every Occasion? 

Wishdoitwatches have excellent options when it comes to mechanical watches. The first thing that catches every eye's attention is their designs. Wishdoitwatches designed these watches to pay tribute to Caribbean pirates; that's why all the watch cases are barrel-shaped and look amazing on the wrist. 

These watches also incorporate several pirate design elements and are mechanical in nature. They work on a self-winding mechanism and store energy. They are also durable because of sapphire crystal glass, stainless steel case, and fluorine rubber band. 

The best thing about these watches is affordability; wishdoitwatches are incredibly affordable with all these benefits and unique features. You will not get such a fantastic watch anywhere else at such a price. 


I hope now you know exactly how to wear a watch correctly. So, why wait? It's time to wear your new Wishdoit watch and shows the world your unique fashion sense.

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