Mechanical watches are highly expensive, so when anyone buys a mechanical watch, he wishes it lasts for a long time. The wish is wise as you have spent a lot of money on it. But remember, the durability of an expensive mechanical watch depends upon many factors that I am going to discuss in this article, so bear with me.

Tips to make your expensive mechanical watches last a lifetime

Buying a mechanical watch after a thorough search is good, but how long it will stay with you depends upon your preferences. Following are the tips to make your expensive mechanical watches last a lifetime. So, make them your preference to keep your watch alive.


Try to avoid your watch being exposed to sunlight for a long period. It will destroy its painted parts and dry the lubricants, thus decreasing its lifetime. I prefer to wear it at room temperature.  


If your watch has no resistance against humidity, avoid using it in extensive humidity because if vapors enter your watch, it will upset the movement.

Temperature Changes

In the long run, sudden temperature changes create a big default in casual watches. For that, I highly prefer a watch with resistive powers. If your watch is older, try to wear it in cool places.

Avoid Scratches

You have spent a lot of money, so taking care of your watch is your responsibility. Protect it from any type of shock and hits that cause scratches.

Keep It Away From Magnets

Magnetic power causes a great change in the movements and stops them. People prefer not to put watches near refrigerators, speakers, laptops, tablets, or magnetic clasps on bags due to their high magnetic power.

Winding & Crown

The Crown is an important part of your watch. You need to protect it; thus, don’t wind your watch by using a crown when it rests on your wrist; remove it and then wind it expertly. Another pro tip is that don’t rest your watch on a crown; instead, put it on a plane surface.

As mechanical watches come with a self-winding mechanism, you don’t need to wind yourself, don’t even try; it will overwind it.  


Your watch needs cleaning from time to time. It will be a plus point if it has resistance against water; use a damp cloth to clean it and a toothpick and cotton bird for narrow portions. But I highly prefer to let a jeweler and professional watchmaker do this task.

What watch will help you in all this?

It is an important question; although every watch needs attention, carefully buying it may lessen your burden. For instance, wishdoit watches are not expensive, and their material is also resistive against water, moisture, corrosion, oxidation, and UV radiation; thus, you can use them in any weather, outside your home, in your cars, or your swimming pool also.

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Moreover, as they have a self-winding mechanism with 80 hours of power reserving feature, you don’t need to wind them manually; just wear them and take them off; they will keep working for 80 hours in the resting position.

As the glass material is durable, if they get hit accidentally, there is no danger of scratches; thus, the Wishdoit offers great quality timepieces, and if you keep them carefully, they will last for a lifetime.


After reading this article, I hope you will be very careful about your watch, and that care will prove your preferences and, as a result, you will be able to keep your watch for a lifetime.

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