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Jack P.
— This is the fourth watch I have purchased. I am 56 and have purchased two for myself, one for my son's 10th birthday. This fourth watch is for my son's soon to be,11th birthday. By the nature of my reasons, it can be seen the style, quality and cost covers all ages.
— Stunning F-150 Chrono Gold watch! This is a lovely watch, bought to wear for my wedding instead of my usual smart watch. So glad I bought it and will definitely be getting more from Wishdoit in future.
— Surpasses Expectations! I was sold after watching multiple YouTube videos. The quality was very apparent on video. When I got mine in the mail it was literally the perfect size. I love the elaborate workmanship and weight of the watch. It has a presence when you wear it.
William W.
— Very impressive that customer service was awesome and attended to my query without any hesitation.
Luciano G.
— Beautiful watch, a bargain for the price. You will not regret purchasing this watch. It looks and feels like a watch that cost 5 times more! A solid feeling, sturdy STRAP that really complements the watch. This doesn’t feel cheap at all, you can feel its built right. AnRead more about review stating A hard to beat extremely high quality watches that will rival anything you put it against


"WISHDOIT seeks to keep watches unique and fashion while still making a statement with their look."
— Watch fanatics: Cruise
"The watch they designed has an elevated coolness about it."
— Watch specialist: Anderson
"A freedom, yet eternal, elegance perfect for work or play."
— Interviewer: Brooke
"WISHDOIT requires meticulous and exquisite craftsmanship in every detail of watch making."
— Editor in Chief: Jordan
"Bold design meets styled Gothic art."
— Community Editor: Thomas


We are obsessive about mechanical watch design. Inspired by pirate culture, we launched Pirate series of tonneau Watches, which convey the pirate spirits of boldness and breaking rules.

Unlike other brands that mass-produce watches and focus on quantity and cost, we focus on quality. We wanted to create a range of luxury yet affordable watches for men, so we cut all dealers for only one goal - uncompromising quality and unrivalled value, because we believe style shouldn't break the bank.