Many watch users encounter a problem of a fogged up crystal. Keep reading the text to find out why this is happening and what you can do with it.

Do you know that feeling when you want to check the time as soon as possible, but you are unable to do it because of the fogged up crystal watch? Not only does a fogged up crystal look unaesthetically, but also lacks readability and functionality. This minor inconvenience bothers many people. Watch owners tend to ask questions about the reason for this phenomenon, as well as search for methods to eliminate it on numerous online forums about watches.

A fogged up crystal - temperature difference and humidity
There are several reasons for a fogged up crystal mechanical watch. One of them is the temperature difference that occurs when you leave a warm room out for a winter walk, or vice versa. Surface condensation of water vapour is a well-known phenomenon not only among watches, but is also often visible in nature. What is it about? It is based on the condensation of water vapour on the surface of a given object on its warmer side.

A watch, which is on a warm wrist (and sweaty skin) all day long, reacts to the cold resulting in a fogged up crystal. A similar situation occurs when we try to dry our model after contact with moisture by exposing it to a higher temperature and causing water to condense.

To keep a watch from fogging up, it is worth handling it with care. We should avoid contact with water and large temperature fluctuations.

Weather conditions and a fogged up crystal
A fogged up watch is a common problem among both mountain climbers and mountain hiking enthusiasts. The reason is a change in atmospheric pressure, namely the higher we are, the lower pressure becomes. Also, the temperature on mountains becomes colder the higher the altitude gets.

These adverse conditions can have a negative effect on our watches. Therefore, if we are planning to climb mountain peaks, we should take with us a solid, sporty model, which is created for this type of escapades.

Watch on a wrist
A few words about the water resistance of watches
There are several water-resistant ratings that specify the pressure withstanding capability and the immersion depth of a watch. Devices marked as Water Resistant or Waterproof are not waterproof at all. Class 3 ATM stands for resistance to splashes when washing hands or a little rain. Class 5 ATM, however, means you can wear your watch in the shower. Models with the water resistance of 10 ATM will be great for swimmers and divers without an Aqua-Lung. Watches of the water resistance class over 30 ATM, on the other hand, are created for professional divers.

To prevent the accumulation of water vapour on a watch crystal, we must take into account the conditions in which we are going to wear a particular watch.

How to defog a watch crystal?
Obviously it is not always possible to prevent a watch from fogging up. The problem can even apply to water-resistant models. The question is what we should do when our watch is fogged up.

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In most cases, all we have to do is wait. We should leave the watch in a dry place or warm it up under our sleeve. If this does not help and the problem of fogging up crystal persists for a long time or reoccurs, a good choice will be to have the product serviced. It is possible that, for example, the crystal is leaking and the watch requires professional intervention.

It is recommended to contact a professional technical service in case of any defect in your watch. This is the only way to make sure that problems with a fogged up watch will be solved quickly and safely.


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