Some people claim that  the higher the price of a watch, the better its quality will be while the lower the price, the worse the quality is. Others believe that the high prices are not only due to the high cost of production, but also to their sales model and brand value.
A majority of people don't understand why this is the case. The following details can account for this issues.


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Why is it so expensive or cheap?

Firstly, the cost of making materials determines the price. such as stainless steel, ceauration, titanium, Fe-Mn and so on. For the more expensive the watch whose materials (precious metals, gemstones) used on the watch and the decoration, polishing, function on the watch movement will be.

Secondly, precious metals and diamonds are the most direct cause of watches becoming more expensive.So the so-called "gold diamond table" is generally recognized by the public expensive table, and can even ignore the brand. Mechanical watches cannot be as accurate as quartz watches, and quartz watches are generally cheaper. Therefore, the price is not related to the accuracy of the watch. 

when it comes to brand value, it also plays an important role in watch price. some brands are expensive, another are cheap; Have not specific to a certain table, different brands have separated the consumer group.

How to sell it

There are two sales modes. One is that the factory sells directly to customers through the platform, which will reduce the agency expenses of many middlemen and reduce the cost of watches. Hence, the price of watches will be relatively lower.
In this period, many agents are needed to complete the sales of watches. Why? Because the enterprise needs to send personnel to negotiate with the factory and sell the goods, as well as entrust shopping platforms to sell the goods, etc.

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