In addition to protecting mechanical watches from external forces, we must also pay attention to the following points. Otherwise, the life of your mechanical watch will be greatly reduced.

1. Adjust the time interval

I believe that most people who love watches know that when adjusting the time of a watch, it is absolutely impossible to adjust the time and date between 9 pm and 3 am the next day.
Why? Because the watch starts at 9pm, the calendar gear starts to move, and the date jump is completed in the early morning. During this period, if you manually adjust it, it is likely to damage the gear and seriously cause the calendar to misalign. So we can avoid this time period to adjust the watch time.

2. Turn the crown violently

The general crown is spiral, but this small metal must remember that we cannot turn it vigorously.
The inner gear of the crown is rotated by an stem, and the thread on the stem is very thin. If we turn it vigorously, it is easy to cause abnormal buckle. And this damage is irreparable. In other words, we must turn the crown in a clockwise direction every time we twist the crown. When encountering resistance, turn it out counterclockwise and then turn it again. Never tighten it too tightly.


3. Press the timing button in the water

This situation may seem uncommon, but in fact! Every year, the watch shop will have a lot of water-ingressed watches to repair.

Although most watches now have waterproof performance, when the timer button is pressed, water will not enter the watch when you press the button, but this button may touch the sealing ring, and when it is in water, it will touch the waterproof sealing ring. Will seep water. But any watch with a waterproof rating is not resistant to hot water

4. Magnetized

All charged objects have a magnetic field, which can affect the balance spring of a mechanical watch. Therefore, it is best to keep mechanical watches away from electrical appliances that can generate magnetic fields, such as mobile phones, household appliances, and electric mahjong tables. Because once the mechanical watch is magnetized, it will directly affect the travel time. In serious cases, it will stop and go directly.

Anyway, mechanical watches are extremely sophisticated crafts. Even if it states that it is waterproof, anti-magnetic, anti-vibration, anti-scratch, etc., as a daily necessities, no matter how strong the protection function is, it will not be able to withstand the daily erosion. We should pay more attention to daily maintenance.





Thank you very much for all the above advise for it was very helpful and beneficial for i did fall into the category of your explanation.
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— Luca Rapacciuolo