Because a majority of people do not understand the watch, the wrong to wear the watch, resulting in some failures so, automatic mechanical watch, manual mechanical and watch quartz watch. When using ,  what the basic problems should we pay attention to ?

一. Automatic mechanical table use matters needing attention:

1. Non-professionals do not open the back cover to prevent damage.

2 . It is forbidden to adjust between 10 PM and 2 am.

3. Make sure to push the handle back to the bottom after adjusting the watch.

4. watchband length adjustment: small adjustment can move the position of the needle, large adjustment need to remove the watchband with grains.

5. mechanical automatic table in the wearer's activities when walking may be slow, this is a normal phenomenon. For the first time, please turn the handle head 20-30 times to wind the spring initially.

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二. Manual mechanical table use matters needing attention:

1. Full hair every 24 hours to ensure enough power to jump when walking. When winding up at 12 points hold the table, rotate the table clockwise to the top full hair; Pay attention to the full hair do not force to rotate the table, so as not to break the handle shaft or spring.
2. Length adjustment of watchband. Small adjustment can be mobile needle position, large adjustment need to disassemble the watchband shaft.
3. Try not to contact water, steam, high temperature and corrosive gas when using, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the movement and appearance. At the same time to avoid strong vibration, and away from the strong magnetic field environment.


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