In daily life, the mechanical watches we buy sometimes show inaccurate timing and even stop swinging. So this shows that the watch may be magnetized, let’s take a look at how to demagnetize the watch.

We can use the following simple methods to solve

Iron block

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The easiest way to demagnetize a watch is to find an iron block with a circle in the middle and no magnet. Then we stand the iron block upright on the table, and wear the watch through the circle of the iron block, so that the magnetism of the watch will be sucked away by the iron block.


Wishdoit Watches Tonneau Watches

Generally, watch shops have degaussers. It is mainly used to degauss the watch. Turn on the switch of the degausser, and then put the watch inside the degaussing device. After a few minutes, you will find that the watch has been degaussed.

Tin box

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We heat an iron box, and then wrap the watch in a cardboard box and put it in the iron box. After waiting for a few minutes, we will take out the carton, and we will find that the watch has been demagnetized.

Iron plate

Wishdoit Watches Tonneau Watches

A more economical method is to find a completely unmagnetized iron plate, that is an iron plate without magnetism, and then put the watch on the iron plate, the magnetism on the watch will be slowly transferred to the iron plate, whereby completing the watch of degaussing.

Watch repair shop 

Finally, if the above materials are not available, the watch can be sent to a repair shop for demagnetization.

The above several methods are the degaussing watch methods we usually use. Have you learned it?

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