Anti-magnetic watch does not mean that all parts in the watch are anti-magnetic, it just means that some main parts, such as the balance wheel, hairspring, spring, etc., are made of anti-magnetic materials. According to international standards, if the watch can continue to operate under a magnetic field of 4800A/m, and the maximum error does not exceed 30 seconds one day after the test, it meets the anti-magnetic standard.

Although anti-magnetic watches have more and more practical value, as far as some "ultimate anti-magnetic" watches are concerned, they have far exceeded the need to prevent daily magnetic fields, and they have become "toys" for watch fans who specialize in the pursuit of the ultimate.

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Antimagnetic method of daily watch

So, where are the magnetic risks at home? Non-circulating magnetic fields can be found in amplifiers, sound systems, televisions and radios, so we should avoid placing our watch on these things. But for those mechanical watches, a bigger, less-seen threat resides in magnets like refrigerators and cabinet doors. Even a brief contact is enough to magnetize a mechanical watch. When you're wearing any of these timers in the kitchen, prudence is the motto that never changes. Although, a magnetized watch, as mentioned above, can be demagnetized, but the whole process is very tedious. Because to do this job well, the watch must be disassembled and each steel part demagnetized one by one.

How to prevent magnetic

1) Do not open the back cover at will to prevent dust, fibers, water vapor, etc. from entering the watch machine and affecting the normal running time of the watch;

2) The full clockwork must be wound regularly every day, and the full clockwork can keep the accuracy of the timekeeping of the watch;

3) Pull out the crown to dial the needle, reverse the dial and dial it forward, and push the crown to the upper position after dialing the needle, otherwise it will cause the watch to stop;

4) Always wipe the watch case to keep it clean. If the watch is not in use, it should be placed in a dry place without mothballs, and it should be wound up every once in a while to prevent the lubricating oil from solidifying and affecting the running time;

5) In the case of strenuous exercise or high vibration, the watch should be taken off to avoid damaging the mechanism;

6) Under normal circumstances, the waterproof watch can prevent the intrusion of water vapor in the air. It is not absolutely water-proof. Do not wear the watch for swimming, showering, and also pay attention to washing your hands and clothes;

7) Although the watch has a certain anti-magnetic performance, it still needs to avoid contact with strong magnetic fields to prevent the parts from being magnetized and causing the watch machine to change in time;

8) Do not let the watch come into contact with corrosive liquids and gases such as acid, alkali, salt, etc. Long-term sweat erosion will cause rust spots on the case. When using the watch in summer, it is best to use a pad to separate it from the arm;

9) The watch has a certain speed error, as long as the error does not exceed the standard, do not move the speed needle frequently;

10) If you do not understand the repair technology, please do not move the parts in the watch or refuel at will, so as to avoid accidental losses.

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