The wristwatch was a woman's accessory up until World War 1 began. However, in the heat and fury of war, soldiers discovered they had no time to search for a pocket watch. Thus, the wristwatch for men was created.

After the war, civilians began to use this new style of wearing watches. While initially ridiculed by the general public as a ridiculous trend, men's watches soon became the norm. Their practicality rendered pocket watches obsolete.

Some people might argue that wristwatches may be obsolete. The cynic might ask why a person needs a mechanical watch when he can easily check his phone's time.


#1 Watches Are Convenient

Phones don't keep you punctual. Watches do.

The common response of a generation now questioning the detrimental effects of constant smartphone use is, "I don't have to wear a watch" It's not a good idea to keep a phone handy just in case you need it.

You can keep track of the time by looking at your wrist. This is much better than looking at your phone during a meeting. You can also imagine how rude it would look to your companions to pull out your phone while you are having a conversation.

It's also a good idea to conceal your phone at other times, such as at the beach, funeral, or wedding. Unique mechanical watches are more discreet and convenient way of checking the time.


#2 Watches Can Be Functional

Some watches simply keep time. Others give you the date and day or let you set timers.

Anything inspired by the military is functional. Wristwatches are also included.

In the 19th century, the military used wristwatches to synchronize movements during the war. Specialized watches have been used by divers in the ocean and aviators in the skies.

A complicated mechanical watch features more than the simple function of showing the time. A complication is a function that adds additional functionality to a watch. The most popular complications include the chronograph which allows the watch to function as a stopwatch and also the moon phase complication which shows where the moon is during the lunar cycle.


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#3 Watches Reliable

No matter what type of watch you choose, you can rest assured that it will last many years without any maintenance.

The most advanced microchips are not used in the best watches. These watches use a sophisticated mechanical clockwork technology that has been around for centuries. The technology that runs on your wrist will continue to function even when your battery is low.

The watch can be used in the field for a long time, which is an advantage over smartphones. Many mechanical watches can be either powered through motion or using a very small amount of battery energy. Consider how long it takes to tell compared with a smartphone's eight hours.

It is important to have a way to keep track of time. As far as I know Wishdoit watches are more experienced in making mechanical watches and I appreciate that they are able to design unexpected mechanical  tonneau watch.


#4 Watches Look Stylish

Watches help people keep track of their time and allow them to express their style. Men's watches are a way to express yourself, allowing you to show your passion for adventure, danger, and sports, depending on the brand.

What accessories can complement a man?

Watches can speak volumes about the wearer's character. A Rolex can be an option for those who prefer not to have any bling on their wrists.

Men look at a watch to see the time, and men look at their watches to check the time.

It doesn't matter what you call it, but a watch is a man’s equivalent to an engagement ring.


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#5 Watches Embody Craftsmanship

A wristwatch can be more than a time-keeper. A wristwatch is more than a time-keeper. It's a symbol of history and tradition, all wrapped in exquisite craftsmanship.

Men don't realize the art they wear on their wrists. Four craftsmen work on a watch house for several months. They create complex pieces of mechanical technology by hand.

It is detailed art at the top of human creativity and ingenuity.

A mechanical watch uses a simple, consistent mechanism. This is where creativity takes place. Watch design is an intrinsically artistic process. Some generic styles and watches don't inspire. The best stuff, however, is beautiful. How often do you consider a tool beautiful?

Watches can have art in many different forms. The dial can be a painting. Or the design of an instrument itself can be pure art. For many, the movement is as captivating as the dial or case.


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#6 Watches Make Great Reminders

A timepiece is more than just a gift. It is also a treasure trove. No matter your views on death, it is a fact that people can still live through the memories of the ones they loved.

It is a way to remember the people who have gone before us by owning timepieces from another era. Their watches make you feel connected to them. A watch can be a way to continue a tradition. You can proudly wear the watch of a relative if it shows signs of age, care, and love.

A watch collection is also a way to leave a lasting legacy. You don't have it to be an expensive treasure. But leaving your mechanical watch, to someone you love is passing on valuable values to them.

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