Our Pirates Watch is an automatic mechanical watch whose power source is generated by the movement of the wearer’s wrist to wind the mainspring. A fully wound automatic mechanical watch can run continuously for about 35 hours: if it is guaranteed to be worn normally every day, it can operate for about 15-40 hours. However, If you don’t wear it for more than the above time or if you don’t have enough swing (the wearer’s exercise is too small), it will cause the watch to stop. So there are a few things we must pay attention to after we get the watch.


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Point one

When the watch is standing for a period of time after the need to wind up to start the internal operation of the watch mechanical system, this is the basic operation of the mechanical table. On the other hand, you can try to wind it manually, which is to hold the crown with your fingers and turn it clockwise for 20-40 laps, plus hand movement, it can continue walking for 42 hours. You try this method again. Generally speaking, this method is work.

Point two

 You should let your watch wear more exercise and arm swing frequency. If the exercise is not enough, the watch will often stop. If you wear the watch with your left hand, it is recommended that you wear it with your right hand. Generally speaking, the swing frequency of the right hand will be much greater than that of the left hand.

Point three

You can buy a meter shaker. Because if you do not exercise for a long time, there will be inaccurate travel time. Automatic mechanical watches need to rely on the swing or movement of the hand to maintain operation. The meter shaker can help you keep storing energy. Of course, you can also choose to increase the frequency of hand swings or wind your watch manually


 Watch luminous problem
The luminous maintenance time of the watch can be irradiated with strong light for 30 minutes, so that the luminescent material inside the watch absorbs enough light energy, so that you can see the time of the watch clearly in the dark, but we generally do not sleep at night. Wearing a watch, because the night light will have some small effects on the body, if you like to wear a watch to sleep, it does not matter, because the side effects are not big, it is still within a safe range.