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What size are most men's mechanical watches?

The watch size for men are usually between 38mm and 46mm in size. Anything larger than 46mm quickly comes across as overly large. And anything smaller than 38mm is usually for women. By measuring your wrist and using the following size chart, you know exactly which size watch case is suitable for your wrist. Here is Instruction Manual.

Should a man wear a wrist watch on the left or right wrist?

Let's keep it nice and simple: A man should wear their watch on their non-dominant hand. That means if you're right handed, you should wear your watch on your left wrist. Conversely, left-handed guys should wear their watches on their right wrists. Of course, you can also choose how you feel comfortable wearing it

What powers my mechanical wrist watch?

There are two types of mechanical wrist watches: manual-winding watches and self-winding watches. All of our watches are self-winding watches, also known as automatic mechanical wrist watches. It doesn't require a battery and is powered by an oscillating weight on the back of its movement. When you wear it, the oscillating weight will oscillate due to your movement, thereby automatically winding.

What size wrist watch is suitable for small wrist?

While there is not a set rule for men's or women's watches, it is best to match the case diameter with your wrist size. If you have a large wrist, case diameters ranging between 38mm to 46mm will look best. If you have a thin wrist, look for watches with case diameters between 34mm to 22mm.Here is sizing guide

How long can my automatic wrist watch run if I don't wear it?

The power reserve of the automatic wrist watch can be upto 35 hours, if the wrist watch is fully wound.

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The watch I have been waiting for for a long time has finally arrived. I like this multi-functional GT upgraded model. It is running smoothly at present and the watch quality is very good.

Great to hear you like the GT 2.0 watch, K.F! Thank you for the feedback. :)

Very satisfied

Great looking and functional watch, especially if you like traditional stuff.

Limited | Armor-Black Watch
Anonymous (United States)
Awesome watch

It is one of the best-looking watches I have ever seen, the quality is excellent and get ready for the compliments.

We appreciate your feedback, ANGEL! We are happy to know that you love your new ARMOR Automatic watch. We hope that you will enjoy it and until next time!

Looks Great !!

I love this watch, bling bling ! it is the best watch I got before, thanks Wishdoit.


I recently ordered a GLACIER | HOKULSARLON AUTOMATIC-SILVERY 43mm automatic watch and received it yesterday. I am extremely pleased with my purchase! The watch is exceptionally well-made, with a sleek and stylish design that stands out. The automatic movement is smooth and reliable, adding to its overall quality. It's comfortable to wear. I highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a high-quality timepiece. This has quickly become my favorite watch!

Awesome watches

Really great watch for the price. Haven't worn a watch in years and got my first Wishdoit and loved the fit and design. I have several now and looking forward to getting the new Chronograph version.

My first purchase from wishdoit company

The moment I opened the box I truly fell in love with the watch.
So beautiful and looked absolutely amazing.
One of the best skeleton watches I have seen so far.
Automatic self-winding is a great bonus of watch in the same category.
I can say this is my first watch from Wishdoit but it won't be the last.
Many thanks to such a stunning time piece.
Truly well done to WISHDOIT !!!

My Hubbard Automatic watch is stunning!!

Simply beautiful. Very stylish and it has a unique and distinctive quality to it. This is my second Wishdoit watch and I am super happy with both. Customer service was very helpful and responsive. I am very pleased with my overall experience with Wishdoit.

New Watch

I own a lot of watches, Rolex, Tudor, Panerai and others. I bought this watch to see if it was as good as it looks. I have only had a day but so far very impressed with the look of the skeleton style watch, and love the band changing system with the tool. Very impressed and being an automatic is even better. I just hope in a year from now I can say the same thing.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for The Pioneer - Silver Watch. We're thrilled to hear that you are impressed with the look and functionality of the watch, especially the skeleton style and band changing system. We hope that after a year of use, you'll still be just as satisfied with your purchase. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for choosing our Wishdoit!

Great and super watches

Fashionable and very high quality

Limited | Armor-Black Watch
Anonymous (Mexico)
Armor black-gold

Amazing! Top notch quality, definitely turns heads..

Hi Carlos! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Limited Armor-Black Watch. We're thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the top-notch quality and head-turning design of the black-gold version. We strive to provide our customers with the best products possible and we're glad to know that we've hit the mark with you. Thank you again for your support and happy wearing!

Pirate | The X Series-Rose Gold Watch

Captain Kidd Silver Watch

it is amazing and elegant watch and I like the way they respect the customer.quick shipment

We appreciate your feedback, Ahmedyasin! We are happy to know that you love your new Captain Kidd Automatic watch. We hope that you will enjoy it and until next time!

Very nice watch

Looks like an RM watch collection within the budget. Pretty solid for me.

Thank you for sharing your feedback, Fernando! We are delighted to know that you are satisfied with your purchase. We hope to hear from you again soon!


I love this waches

Thank you for sharing your feedback, Fernando! We are delighted to know that you are satisfied with your purchase. We hope to hear from you again soon!

Fluoro Rubber Watch Strap | Red 22.5cm
Anonymous (United States)
🔥 Fire 🔥!

Fits my Armour watch perfectly. Comfort is first class ! Thanks !

Beautiful piece, and the person I got for really really loved it.

Thanks for the review. Pamela! We're glad you're pleased with the F-150 Chrono watch!

The Pioneer - Silver Watch (White Strap)
Anonymous (United Kingdom)
Great Watch

Comfortable to wear. The butterfly buckle could use some adjustment as it comes undone on occasion. Highly recommend this company and this watch!!! Wear it at least 3-5 times a week.

Exactly as the pictures! I'm really enjoying my new watch

Pirate | The X Series-Rose Gold Watch
Anonymous (United States)

Pirate | The X Series-Rose Gold Watch

Full Speed - Black Watch
Anonymous (Singapore)

I purchased the all black Full speed watch for a friend going back to Europe, he loved the look of it.

A brand that did not disappoint me, in love with my Wishdoit!

I'm the owner of brands such as Marco Loretti, Ralph Christian, Invicta and others, I had never tried this great brand until I saw several very positive reviews on YouTube and I was encouraged and made my purchase of 3 watches, I thought they would be very big but they are very elegant, very good quality and very very beautiful, so I will make a second purchase of 2 more watches because I have 2 empty spaces in my watch chest... Brand 100% recommend... why? Quality, elegant and the excellent price, Quality - Price is excellent 👌👌👌👌

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! CARLOS, We are delighted to know that you love your new GT racing Chrono. Enjoy it and until next time! :)