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Inspired by the culture of Caribbean Pirates during the golden age of the 18th century, the Pirate Tonneau collection watches incorporate many pirate design elements. Different from the traditional round and square watches, this collection adopts the barrel-shaped element that is very typical in pirate culture as the unique case shape of the watch.

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Inspired by pirates spirit

We learned about a series of Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the fetish-compass appeared in it, which caught my attention. It means that whoever owns it can realize what he wants. It inspired me to design a watch with a compass, and I named it the psychic compass pirate watch. Judging from the internal structure of the mind compass watch, the circle at 9 o'clock inside is the small seconds dial. This is a small seconds dial with three hands. As long as you are moving, it will keep rotating. Just like a compass, it can guide you in the direction you want.

A saying by Amelia Earhart, a female pilot in the United States, said that "The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity."

Our psychic compass pirate watch symbolizes freedom, adventure and challenge. Pirates like to sail on the sea, on the one hand, they are to obtain treasures, on the other hand, they are able to have the freedom to explore the mystery of the sea. Back to reality, life is full of challenges, you never know what will happen next. Stick to what you want to do without regrets. Only by daring to take risks and challenges can you understand the fun of breaking the rules. Our psychic compass pirate watch accompanies you to meet the challenges in life. Go forward boldly!

The psychic compass is designed in 5 colors: black, gold, ghost green, blue, and brown.


The most iconic color among pirates. Pirates’ clothing, sails, and flags are all unified in black.


Of course, it is the representative color of pirates favorite gold. After this gold has been toned, it has become a niche but special watch color.

Ghost green

According to folklore, sailing at night will encounter ghost ships emitting mysterious green flames.


Sea blue. The most beautiful color in the eyes of sailors.


Brown is the primary color of wood. This color appears in every corner of pirate culture - such as ships, wine barrels, bars.

Pirate Tonneau