How watches are revived? - Wishdoit Watches

How watches are revived?

Although a watch is only a small accessory within a square inch, its market size is nothing compared to the global economy. Even Switzerland, which is often referred to as the "country of watches and clocks", only accounts for the annual sales of the watch industry. About 3.3% of the national GDP. However, as the most classic timekeeping tool in the modern history of mankind, the inner core that drives its timekeeping may change with the development of the times, but its external aesthetic connotation seems to play a timeless role in human society.
Do you know the important ways of self-winding? - Wishdoit Watches

Do you know the important ways of self-winding?

Self-winding is arguably the most inconspicuous complication. To say that the advantage of self-winding is merely convenience would be an injustice to this genius invention. Of course, it does obtain energy reserves through the movement of the wrist, thus saving the wearer's daily tedious winding. The weight inside the watch, usually a 360-degree oscillating weight, falls to the lowest point due to gravity. The energy generated by the movement of the wrist is transmitted to the barrel through the wheel train. According to the structure of the automatic movement, there are two components here.
What's the most affordable mechanical watch? - Wishdoit Watches

What's the most affordable mechanical watch?

Do you love classic things or wish to add something aesthetically beautiful to your accessories? Wearing a mechanical wristwatch is one such thing that people genuinely wish for. Its looks and connection to the old days make them really special for many people.