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What is the source of watch time

Since time immemorial, humans have discovered that certain natural phenomena occur regularly at regular intervals. For example, night changes to day as the sun moves across the sky, giving people the first awareness of the passage of time. When coherent daily life scenarios such as hunting, harvesting, eating, sleeping, and socializing naturally follow the laws of the sun, the human desire to measure time also arises.
Are luminous watches safe? - Wishdoit Watches

Are luminous watches safe?

The luminous watch was originally for military convenience. During the war, it was very difficult to read at night and in dark places without night light, and it would be very dangerous if an external light source was used to "borrow bright children". It would cost a person at least one life, or a battle would fail. So around 1910, watches began to use radium complex luminous powder.

Some Ideas and Tips for You to Choose a Gift - Wishdoit Watches

Some Ideas and Tips for You to Choose a Gift

Be it an anniversary gift, Valentine’s gift, brother’s day gift, or a wedding gift, finding the best choice for men is quite difficult. It is not a universal fact that men like something, unlike women, and hence finding the best gift is not an easy task for anyone. The maximum percentage of people go with the idea of buying a wristwatch, tie, wallet, or something else. 
Do you know what a table mirror is? - Wishdoit Watches

Do you know what a table mirror is?

The watch mirror is the transparent lens on the surface of the watch, also called watch glass, which is used to protect the dial of the watch. In addition, watch mirrors can be divided into three categories: plastic mirrors, quartz glass mirrors, and sapphire mirrors according to their materials. The rubber lens is relatively not afraid of falling, and the sapphire crystal is the most wear-resistant.

Why does the watch fog up? - Wishdoit Watches

Why does the watch fog up?

Some customers woke up to find their watches foggy, even though they had never been in contact with water. I don't know why, but if we take the watch to the repair shop, it will cost a lot of money. So how to solve the watch fog, I have a few tips to share with you. 

Cleaning method of different watch tables - Wishdoit Watches

Cleaning method of different watch tables

People, who often wear watches, at least need to clean the watch once a month, because the surface or gap of the watchband will have a lot of sweat and dust, so to clean regularly. What is the most appropriate way to clean it? Let me explain in detail.

What watches will increase in value? - Wishdoit Watches

What watches will increase in value?

As a mature man, most of them will choose a watch that suits them to improve their value and character. As a senior watch lover, I have collected many watches, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, etc. Of course, there are also some niche brands in it. But most of my choices are mechanical watches, because I think this kind of watches are more valuable for investment and collection.