Each human being possesses a desire for adventure, danger, thrills, and exploration. This universal human emotion has been captured and magnified by one particular group of individuals: pirates. Since the 18th century, pirates have been idealized and romanticized more than any other profession throughout history. 

After all, it is impossible for most people to interact with pirates in real life. They can only establish an understanding of pirates from the perspective of artistic creation through cultural and entertainment works. Therefore, most people are inspired by the pirate culture and its spirit, so that we are still passionate about life and have a desire to explore.

From the perspective of artistic creation, the image of pirate has symbolic meanings such as crime, courage, freedom, adventure, glory, romance, and mystery. Then the charm of the so-called pirate culture is supported by these symbolic meanings.

In the world of pirates, the ocean often means danger and wealth. And each set sail is an adventure full of unknowns. The pirates appreciate the unimagined scenery, fall into the desperate situation of a life of nine deaths, and finally reach the end, obtaining what the world calls a mysterious treasure. Although no one can clarify what a specific treasure is, people are very much admiring the spirit of being brave and fearless, not afraid of death, and moving forward.

And this is exactly the unavailable experience that modern people are passionate about. A harmonious and orderly civilized society guarantees the survival and prosperity of everyone. Adventure is like a dragon, everyone is playing their own master. I am eager to pursue challenges, but in the face of the unknown, I dare not take half a step into my comfort zone. It is difficult for such a person to find the splendor of life and is imprisoned by secular rules.

Of course, there are a few people who have chosen a more challenging life, but most people are still spending time routinely day after day. They can describe their lives tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even a week later. In the constant repetition of reincarnation, expecting unknown changes. To be honest, you can't change the world, then you can only change your mind that has been bound. To find your world.

And I created this series of watches with pirate culture to remind me that I can always maintain enthusiasm, dare to challenge and take risks, face up to difficulties, do not back down or give up, and take my destiny in my own hands. Not at the mercy of the world.

Some people seem to say that life is not so boring, life is full of challenges, and life is an unknown adventure. People live in a harmonious and orderly civilized society, and pirates sail in the mysterious and magical world of pirates. This difference in situation arouses people's desire for adventure. So until now, people have been following the pirate culture and its adventurous spirit, which is why pirates are still popular.

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